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About the Company

      "ZIP" Co. Ltd was established in early 2004, it started as a vendor of scooters, motorcycles and ATVs at the motor transport market. That meant just the beginning of the company as a member of Foreign Trade Activities. Through hard work and the dynamic development of partnerships with major manufacturers of China and Japan, we have achieved stability at the market, and the continuing growth of volume and geography of supply, increasing the number of customers, and therefore the growth of competitiveness. At this point we can say that our company is among the five largest suppliers of motor transport in Russia.

     As the years go by, supply of valves for oil and gas industry has been added to this type of business. Years of hard work - and success was not long in coming. Direct contracts with leading manufacturers from the Asia-Pacific region countries and the largest consumers in Russia, these are achievements of which weare proud of. This is the basis of stable work and growth.

     Now a group of companies, which includes the ZIP Co. Ltd, is the official dealer of several major companies-manufacturers of valves and components, with exclusive rights to represent and sell their products within the territory of the Russian Federation. We are permanent members of the state and municipal tenders for the supply of valves, pipe fittings and accessories.

    Beginning of 2012 was marked by the beginning of the contractual relationship with  "Vladivostok Container Terminal" JSCand  "Vladivostok Marine Container Terminal" LLC on containers recycling of our cargo and agency services, which allowed us to work without resorting to third-party companies’ services, and to work as a logistics operator, serving our own cargo flowsand attract third-party’s cargo flows. Direct contracts with major sea carriers, container fleet owners and rail operators allowed us to confidently enter the market of transport and freight forwarding services, to develop a network of partners both in Russia and abroad.

    We perform a wide variety of logistic schemes, depending on the customer's request. The company turnover for the first year of logistics activities has increased more than twice,which allows you to confidently look to the future.

     Now the company is one of the freight forwarders of "Vladivostok Commercial Port"Ltd., and it successfully performs multimodal transportation, railway freight, shipment by car and customs processingwithinVladivostok Customs territory. The company is ready to share its achievements and resources with our customers, appreciating and trying to develop a partnership, taking it to a higher level and showing a high result and mutually profitable cooperation.