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Railway freight


Railway freight meets best price and quality of provided services. Railway freight provides a high degree of cargo security and high speed of delivery at the same time. Railwayfreight with ZIP Co. Ltdmeansreliable cargo delivery combined with reasonable spending of time and money.

Using a combined approach in the organization and maintenance of railway freight, ZIP Co. Ltd offers you the following services:

Development of optimal schemes of cargo freight by railway transportation;

Organization of delivery and pickup of cargo for loading and discharging of cars (containers), loading and discharging work;

Daily tracking of cars and containers en route;

Freight forwarding;

100% insurance of cargo from receivingtill delivering.

ZIP Co. Ltd carries out railwayfreight of regime, liquid, granular, modular and oversized cargo. The experience and professionalism of our employees allows us to provide our customers with quality and reliability in the organization of railway freight of cargo.

Now railway freight is the most popular, because it is the most convenient, efficient and profitable way of transportation. We constantly improve the process of cargo delivery by making railway freight more reliable and more profitable for our partners.