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Ocean freight

Taking into account the geographical remoteness of some regions in Russia from major industrial and economic centers, delivery of goods is carried out by using several modes of transport. Maritime transportplays a significant role, in some cases it is the only option.

    We offer:

Calculation and creationof the most favorable terms of cargo delivery in containers by direct combined rail and water transport (DCRWT), as well as byinterporttransport;

Delivery of containers "door to door";

Delivery of general cargoes;

Delivery of oversized equipment, wheeled vehicles, cars

Cutting-edgecustomer’s cargo tracking in a container;

CY-CY sea freight services (including crane operations at the departure and destinationports);

Return of the empty leased container equipment to the port of Vladivostok (to the terminal of Vladivostok);

Organization of cargo delivery at the destination point according to the instructions of the customer;

The organization of auto-delivery of containers at ports of destination.

On the terms of CY-CY we carry:

Oversized bulk cargo;

Heavy equipment;

Dwelling units of container type;

Household units of sandwich panels;

Special equipment;

Oversized containers;

Trucks with weigh from 3 to 15 tons;