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Air Freight

We offer a service package for the freight of cargo from departure point to destination point:

International air freight

Domestic air freight

Combined freight

Charter air freight, project cargo


International air

ZIP Co. Ltd offers services in air freight of goods imported to Russia. We have the extensive network of offices around the world, so we can always help you with the organization of the international air freight and propose different options for cargo delivery upon your requirements.

ZIP Co. Ltd organizes maintenance service of your cargo in the country of departure, especially:cargoreception; check of the packaging quality, labeling and the ability of cargo freight; arrange export customs processing; prepare the necessary documents for air cargo freight according to your requirements (the master air waybill / domestic, cargo manifest, shipping documents, declaration of hazardous cargo, etc.).

Russian domestic air freight

Taking into accountgeographical vastness of the Russian Federation, air cargo freight remains one of the fundamental solutions in cargo delivery to remote areas. We are ready to take care of your cargo and deliver it to the destination airport within the territory of Russia in a very short time and at the lowest price. At the same time, if necessary, we will arrange for you the service of cargo reception at the point of departure, and deliver your cargo to the airport of departure, we will meet the cargo at the transitairport and deliver it to the warehouse of destination point.

Combined freight

In order to save customer’s money on the cost of air freight and for convenience of the customs cargo processing we offer combined freight by air and truck.

As for cargo freightwithin Russia, combined freightisintegral. As well asfor international freight, we can arrange delivery of cargo to remote settlements in Russia in a very short time, using air and truck transportation!